What is Project Trident?

Project Trident is a desktop-focused operating system based on TrueOS. It uses the Lumina desktop as well as a number of self-developed utilities to provide an easy-to-use system that both BSD beginners and advanced system administrators can feel comfortable running 247.

Benefits of Project Trident

  • Privacy: No advertisements. No tracking. No reporting of “metrics” on your computer activity.
  • No Cost: sponsorships gladly accepted but not required.
  • Regular Updates: Weekly updates for all 3rd-party packages and updates to the base OS every 6 months.
  • Always ready: No need to wait for OS or application updates before using your system. Perform updates only when you are ready.
  • Stable: Keep it running all day, every day, without loss of performance.
  • Open-source: All the source code for Project Trident is freely available on GitHub for audit and enhancement by anyone.

Recent Articles

Rules of Conduct


With all the news recently regarding the new Linux Kernel’s Code of Conduct, we decided this would be a good opportunity to share about Project Trident Rules of Conduct. Project Trident Community Rules of Conduct: Project Trident expects everyone to conduct themselves professionally and respectfully. If you need assistance relating to conduct of another member of the community, please contact us at Some might wonder why we do not have a more verbose CoC like the documents FreeBSD and the Linux Kernel have adopted....

Alternate Architectures


We are asked frequently about the ability to run on architectures other than x86. We are generally limited by the upstream support from TrueOS and FreeBSD for these architectures. Whatever options we have through those projects is what we can work with. The request we receive more than any other so far is ARM support. However, that’s not the only option on the table. What architectures are we interested in?...

Lets Talk About Transparency


One of the goals of Project Trident is for the project to be as transparent as possible. Not only with code, but also with finances, decision making, and goals for the project in general. Open Meetings After the project has a successful release, we are planning to have open community meetings to discuss the project and make decisions about future work. We have internally discussed several options for how to do this and right now we are leaning towards using a Twitch stream....

What is taking so long?


The short answer is that it’s complicated. Project Trident is quite literally a test of the new TrueOS build system. As expected, there have been quite a few bugs, undocumented features, and other optional bits that we discovered we needed that were not initially present. All of these things have to be addressed and retested in a constant back and forth process. While Ken and JT are both experienced developers, neither has done this kind of release engineering before....