What is Project Trident?

Project Trident is a desktop-focused operating system based on Void Linux. It uses the Lumina desktop as well as a number of self-developed utilities to provide an easy-to-use system that both beginners and advanced system administrators can feel comfortable running 247.

Benefits of Project Trident

  • Privacy: No advertisements. No tracking. No reporting of “metrics” on your computer activity.
  • Encryption: All user data is encrypted by default. Keep your information safe!
  • No Cost: sponsorships gladly accepted but not required.
  • Regular Updates: The Void repositories are updated daily.
  • Always ready: No need to wait for OS or application updates before using your system. Perform updates only when you are ready.
  • Stable: Keep it running all day, every day, without loss of performance.
  • Open-source: All the source code for Project Trident is freely available on GitHub for audit and enhancement by anyone.

Recent Articles

Project Trident Sunset


It is with great sadness that we are announcing that Project Trident will be entering is “sunset” period starting Nov 1 of 2021 and will be closing up shop in March of 2022. The core team of the project has come to this decision together. With changes and events over the past two years in life, jobs, family, etc; our individual priorities have changed as well. We will keep the Project Trident package repository and websites up and running until the EOL date of March 1, 2022, but we strongly encourage users to begin looking for alternative desktop OS solutions over the coming new year holiday....

Void Linux 20.09 updates


The 20.09 updates for the Project Trident packages, as well as an updated version of the installer routine are now available! [New] trident-automount This is a backend daemon for Void Linux systems which monitors udev events and generates XDG desktop shortcuts for removable devices within the “/media” directory. For browsing file-storage devices, trident-automount will automatically configure some autofs rules which allow these devices to be dynamically browsed via the “/browse/[devicename]” directories....

20.08 Installation Update


The installation routine for Project Trident has been updated! The release/20.08 version of the installer has a few significant changes: The zfsbootmenu utility has had several new releases upstream, and changed the configuration file format for the tool significantly. This version of the installer updates our handling of this utility and ensures that zfsbootmenu is configured properly once again. If you previously installed PT and afterward it booted into rEFInd without any option to then boot the system, that was caused by the zfsbootmenu issue and is fixed now....

Void Linux 20.06 updates


The 20.06 updates for the Project Trident packages, as well as an updated version of the installer routine are now available! Installer routine: release/20.06 This can be used by selecting the “release/20.06” version of the install script when prompted in the installer. Note that the netinstall ISO has not been changed. There is simply a new version of the installer routine available for it to bootstrap and use. Main Changes:...