What is Project Trident?

Project Trident is a desktop-focused operating system based on TrueOS. It uses the Lumina desktop as well as a number of self-developed utilities to provide an easy-to-use system that both BSD beginners and advanced system administrators can feel comfortable running 247.

Benefits of Project Trident

  • Privacy: No advertisements. No tracking. No reporting of “metrics” on your computer activity.
  • No Cost: sponsorships gladly accepted but not required.
  • Regular Updates: Weekly updates for all 3rd-party packages and updates to the base OS every 6 months.
  • Always ready: No need to wait for OS or application updates before using your system. Perform updates only when you are ready.
  • Stable: Keep it running all day, every day, without loss of performance.
  • Open-source: All the source code for Project Trident is freely available on GitHub for audit and enhancement by anyone.

Recent Articles

18.12-U4 Available


Package update 4 for 18.12-RELEASE is now available. There have also been a couple more minor updates to the automatic Xorg setup routines which Project Trident provides: The failover drivers (vesa/scfb) should be a bit more reliable as they are no longer associated with a particular GPU device (that association was reported to cause trouble on some systems). The Intel video drivers (“modesetting” and “intel”) on Project Trident have always had the 3D acceleration disabled by default....

18.12-U3 Available


Package update 3 for 18.12-RELEASE is now available. This biggest changes of note are: owncloud has been “flavorized” according to the PHP versions. The “owncloud” package has been removed, and there are a number of different “owncloud-php[71/72/73]” packages available now corresponding to the various versions of PHP which are supported (7.1, 7.2, and 7.3 at the present time). Anybody using owncloud will need to manually install one of the newer owncloud packages, as the old one will be automatically removed as part of the update (custom config files will remain, just the package will get automatically removed since it no longer exists in the package repository)....

18.12-U2 Available


Package update 2 for 18.12-RELEASE is now available. This biggest differences are: Newer version of the Lumina desktop (and utilities) This includes significant updates to the lumina-fm utility (Insight File Manager) KF5 Framework update from 5.53.0 -> 5.54.0_1 Browser updates Firefox : 64.0.2,1 -> 65.0,1 Package Changes From 18.12-RELEASE-U1 For a full list of packages that are available with this release, please visit the download page!...

18.12-U1 Available


Package update 1 for 18.12-RELEASE is now available. This is just the first of our weekly updates to the package repositories for the 18.12-RELEASE, and the details of this update is included below. This biggest differences are: Postgresql 9.3 no longer available (migrate to a newer version as needed). KF5 applications updated from 18.12 to 18.12.1 KDE Plasma 5 updated from 5.14.4 to 5.14.5 Browser updates Chromium : 68....