Migrating to Project Trident

While migrating from other FreeBSD-based distibutions is not officially supported, it is sometimes still possible with a little bit of work. On this page we try to document some of the key steps, even if it is not a full walkthrough.

Always backup any sensitive or important data to an external USB stick or system first.

Important References

Package repository URL’s

Public key for package verification can be found on the Download Page (same key that is used for signing the ISO images).

If your current system uses base packages

It might be possible to switch to Project Trident with a few steps:

  1. Reconfigure your package repository settings to point to one of the Project Trident repositories.
    • Configuration files are typically located in “/etc/pkg” or “/usr/local/etc/pkg”
  2. Install/update the “sysup” system update utility from the Project Trident repository
    • Run command: sudo pkg install -fy sysup
  3. Perform a full system update to move completely over to the Project Trident repository
    • Run command: sudo sysup -update -fullupdate
    • When this process finishes successfully, reboot the computer: shutdown -r now
  4. Install the Project Trident “core” package
    • Run command: sudo pkg install trident-core
  5. Install any optional graphics drivers for your hardware
    • Nvidia GPU’s: nvidia-driver, nvidia-driver-340, nvidia-driver-304 (pick one)
    • Virtualbox Guest additions: virtualbox-ose-guestadditions
  6. [Optional] Run the Project Trident system-setup script
    • Run command: sudo /usr/local/share/trident/scripts/sys-init.sh
  7. Reboot the system.
    • Project Trident installs bootup services which scan and configure your graphical settings automatically.
    • A graphical login screen should appear indicating that your system is now ready to use.