Project Trident was started as a desktop distribution of TrueOS, which was a rolling-release variant of FreeBSD. The goal of the Project was to provide a simple, secure, and highly usable FreeBSD experience. Project Trident is completely independent and financially backed through the generous contributions of the Open Source community.

Project Trident began in 2018 when TrueOS was reorganized into a scaled down server installation of FreeBSD. The discontinued desktop portion of TrueOS was adopted by Ken Moore and J.T. Pennington, two desktop-focused TrueOS developers, and rebuilt into Project Trident.

In 2019, Project Trident announced it would be leaving TrueOS/FreeBSD and rebasing the project on Void Linux to better serve their users and provide essential functionality for a desktop system. This transition was completed in February of 2020 when the first official release using Void Linux was published.