New Website Available

We are pleased to announce the creation of a new website for Project Trident!

This new site is based on the “Hugo” website framework for building static-HTML websites, and replaces the previous website which was built with the “Grav” website framework.

In particular, there are some new features that will come in quite handy:

  1. Edit Links: If you look carefully, there is an “Edit this page” button in the upper-right corner on most pages. This will take you directly to the source file for that web page in our GitHub repository so that anybody can easily send in changes or fixes for website issues in just a few moments.
  2. Search Capability: There is now a search bar in the upper left corner which allows you to search for words/terms across the entire website. This will be especially important once we start placing the user guide and/or handbook here on the website, as it will make finding the relevant pages quite simple.
  3. A downloads page has been prepared for the release next month. We plan on listing the methods whereby you can migrate to Project Trident from other FreeBSD-based operating systems on that page in addition to the ISO files.
  4. RSS Feed: This site has an automatic RSS feed which will display the 15 most recent articles posted on the site.

Please test out the new site and provide feedback! We look forward to continuing developments for both the website as well as the project in general!