Lets Talk About Transparency

One of the goals of Project Trident is for the project to be as transparent as possible. Not only with code, but also with finances, decision making, and goals for the project in general.

Open Meetings

After the project has a successful release, we are planning to have open community meetings to discuss the project and make decisions about future work. We have internally discussed several options for how to do this and right now we are leaning towards using a Twitch stream. YouTube is still being considered, but we are currently leaning toward using Twitch. The Twitch streams will remain public and we will also save meeting videos into a Youtube channel so anyone can see past meetings.

Note: Meetings will most likely not be a free-for-all where anyone can connect in and start talking. We do want to remain organized and not waste anyone’s time. We will ask the community for questions prior to a meeting date and then we will discuss those issues. Twitch also has a live chat stream for everyone to be able to chat while the meeting is happening.

Due to the nature of audio, it’s really only effective if a few people have the ability to speak. While we would love it if everyone had the ability to audibly speak in the meeting, experience has shown that an audio conversation does not scale well. JT, who is the current producer of BSD Now, was previously the producer of the LinuxActionShow and Linux Unplugged. Linux Unplugged ran an open Mumble room for anyone to join and be involved in the show. In very short order it became clear that there needed to be some sort of administrative vetting of everyone to find out if they A) had proper audio setup, B) was not going to ramble along making no point, and C) was actually there sincerely and weren’t there just to cause trouble. Obviously, we want to avoid these issues too. This is why we will most likely be going with the structure of the core team being able to speak, with community members submitting topics for discussion and being free to speak in the chat stream. If you have other ideas for how we can accomplish this by all means send in your ideas. This is a community project and we want the best ideas from the community.

Help Wanted

If you have experience with setting up a Twitch stream and would like to help get Project Trident set up and running in this regard, please contact the core team. In particular, we are looking for somebody to help coordinate and organize the various voice/video connections into a decent-looking twitch steam.

Finances and Sponsorships

We will post information every quarter about donations received and/or any other money that is coming to the project. Not only will the project disclose income, but also expenses. We want contributors and broader community to be confident that financial contributions are being handled responsibly.

We do understand that many community members have concerns about privacy, and as a project we wish to respect that privacy for all of our users. Individuals will not be identified by their donations unless they specifically request to be identified. Once a quarter, we will post donation information into a repository on our GitHub organization. This repository will include a breakdown of project finances including the budget, upcoming expenses (or projects that we will tackle once enough money is available to get started) and more.

If you would like to contribute to the project or handle a particular goal or expense on the budget, please become a sponsor!