Rules of Conduct

With all the news recently regarding the new Linux Kernel’s Code of Conduct, we decided this would be a good opportunity to share about Project Trident Rules of Conduct.

Project Trident Community Rules of Conduct:

Project Trident expects everyone to conduct themselves professionally and respectfully. If you need assistance relating to conduct of another member of the community, please contact us at

Some might wonder why we do not have a more verbose CoC like the documents FreeBSD and the Linux Kernel have adopted. The above RoC is almost verbatim to what Red Hat uses for their summit. We at Project Trident believe that if the statement above is good enough for a multi-billion dollar company with 95 offices in more than 35 countries and +12,000 employees, then it is good enough for a small open source project.

We think the TrueOS and new Project Trident communities are the best, most professional, and friendliest people in the open source world, and we trust the community to continue to conduct itself well.