Project Trident STABLE-12 Now Available

A new update train is now available based on the FreeBSD/TrueOS STABLE branch (version 12).

This version uses the TrueOS “trueos/stable/12” branch. This train also provides rolling updates to the packages that are available in the repository.

Train Features:

  • Static ABI: Self-compiled binaries continue to run as-is for the lifetime of the stable branch
  • Base Packages: Matching CURRENT, we are using the base package framework from TrueOS for building and distributing the stable branch. This results in cross-compatibility between the STABLE and release (CURRENT) versions of Project Trident and allows easily swapping between Trident versions.
  • OpenRC: TrueOS has also applied OpenRC changes to the FreeBSD 12-STABLE sources. This allows using OpenRC for service management on the STABLE release just as it is on the CURRENT release.

Installation Images

We are making installation images for the STABLE branch available on our download page alongside the current release images.


The new “Trident-stable” repository is available in the configuration page of the graphical update manager. Activate that repository and perform a full system update to switch to that release train.

For the 19.07 release, there is a bug where the graphical configuration utility is not populating the available repository list. In this case, run the following command from a system terminal to switch to the new repository:

sudo sysup --change-train Trident-stable

When the command is finished, the update process can be started normally with the graphical utility.


  • Q. Can I switch from the current release (FreeBSD 13) to the stable release (FreeBSD 12)
    • YES Because of the base packages system that Trident uses from TrueOS, switching between different OS versions is as simple as activating the desired package repository and performing a full system update. This also ensures that the update is performed within a new Boot Environment, allowing you to roll back to previous system versions at any time.
  • Q. Is the CURRENT release train going to be removed?
    • NO Due to inconsistencies in buildability for the CURRENT branch of FreeBSD/TrueOS, we made an executive decision in Project Trident to support two parallel update options: The CURRENT builds already in place and the new STABLE branch build of FreeBSD/TrueOS. The STABLE branch is more reliable and allows us to push out weekly package updates. The update schedule for the CURRENT repo is transitioning to a less frequent, probably monthly, routine.