Void Linux 20.03 updates

The 20.03 package updates for the Project Trident packages are now available!

The main changes to the packages (aside from the general package updates from Void itself) are:

trident-core 20.03

  • Additional tuning for ZFS
  • Changes to the trident-update utility
    • Remove old kernels before update
    • Auto-update xbps as needed (with pre-update snapshot of BE)
    • Additional safeguard for re-generating the initramfs post-update
  • Theme the bash shell by default (user settings still overwrite these as appropriate)
  • Add the ability to inject custom firewall rules into the open-out profile (/etc/firewall-conf/custom-*.conf)

trident-desktop 20.03

  • Pull in the new trident-networkmgr utility by default
  • Enable touchpad tap-to-click out of box
  • Ensure the XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is wiped on logout.


This is a brand-new utility from Project Trident, specifically for managing network setup and devices.

Key Features:

  • View current status of all network links
  • Selectively enable/disable specific links (typically not needed for daily use)
  • Browse and connect to wifi networks (if wifi device is available)
    • This uses wpa_supplicant in the backend - so that service must be enabled for this functionality to work. PT already enables this service out-of-box.
  • Setup static IP profiles which will activate based upon which network you connect to.
    • This uses dhcpcd in the backend - so that service must be enabled for this functionality to work. PT already enables this service out-of-box.
    • If you connect to a network where none of your profiles match, it will automatically use DHCP address assignment.
    • Note: If you already use some kind of hard-coded static IP setting on your system, you will need to disable that change before using trident-networkmgr to setup your static IP profiles. The different setting mechanisms may conflict with each other.
  • DNS Management via resolvconf
    • This allows you to easily inject custom DNS servers into the resolver ordering.
    • This uses resolvconf in the backend, and plays nicely with other services which need to adjust DNS as needed (such as VPN’s or docker).
  • Firewall management for nftables.
    • This ties in to the new firewall profile mechanisms from the trident-core package (if installed) and grants the ability to create/edit custom firewall rules on top of the selected profile.
    • Also provides a quick interface to see if the firewall is active and stop/start the firewall as needed.
  • VPN Management (wireguard)
    • If wireguard is installed, this provides an easy way to import wireguard client profiles and start/stop them as needed.
    • We are planning to add OpenVPN support to this tool in a later version as well.

The trident-networkmgr utility is also available for pure Void-Linux systems as well, but you may need to install and enable the wpa_supplicant, dhcpcd, and nftables services before functionality becomes available in the utility (it will disable pages/tabs as appropriate for your system). Wireguard will also need to be installed before that functionality is usable.