Void Linux 20.04 updates

The 20.04 package updates for the Project Trident packages are now available!

The main changes to the packages (aside from the general package updates from Void itself) are:

trident-core 20.04

  • Better flow and checks for developers
    • GOPATH is automatically set/used for go-based binaries.
    • Snapshots of the docker dataset will now get auto-pruned after a week. This will prevent the system from clogging up with disused snapshots leftover from running docker build.
  • Automated system health routines
    • The package repository index will now get updated in the background every day (or after first connecting to the network).
    • The package repository cache will automatically get pruned to save disk space. This will remove obsolete package versions from the cache only, current versions will still be cached/used as needed.
  • The docker service will now work out of box again. A change in the upsteam runit service broke operation on ZFS and had to be disabled manually:

trident-desktop 20.04

  • Mouse cursors
    • A system-default mouse cursor theme is now included.
    • The user-set cursor theme overrides the system default one as expected.
  • Variable DPI support
    • Mouse cursors now auto-adjust according to the DPI setting for the session
    • DPI detection systems are updated and more reliable now.
  • trident-networkmgr
    • This utility has been updated with many fixes for wifi network settings.
    • All root access prompts were reduced down to a single permission prompt per action (maximum).
    • There is a known bug with connecting to insecure wifi networks which has been fixed in source, but did not get included in the package. This will be included in the next release/update.