All projects have a number of monthly expenses to keep things running, and Project Trident is no exception. If you wish to help the project pay for things like webserver rentals or email accounts, you can become a sponsor for as little as $1/month via GitHub Sponsors!

Contributing code or other work

All of the Project Trident sources are available publicly on GitHub for anybody to submit changes/updates. All it takes is a GitHub account to save your changes, and then submitting them to Project Trident as a Pull Request (PR).

Here are some key repositories where anyone can easily submit changes:


  • Repository: https://github.com/project-trident/trident-installer
  • This is all the functionality for creating the installation ISO, as well as the installer script itself.
  • The “src-sh” subdirectory contains all the main scripts/files for the installer itself.

Basic System Setup

  • Repository: https://github.com/project-trident/trident-core
  • This is everything necessary to generate the “trident-core” and “trident-desktop” packages which customize the basic Void Linux system setup.
  • The “void-files” subdirectory is everything that goes into the “trident-core” package.
  • the “void-desktop-files” subdirectory is everything that goes into the “trident-desktop” package.

Website Updates

  • Repository: https://github.com/project-trident/trident-website
  • Yes, even this website is controlled/generated from a GitHub repository! This entire site is created using the “Hugo” static-site builder, and all the sources can be found in the “hugo-site” subdirectory of the website repository.


  • Repository: https://github.com/project-trident/trident-artwork
  • This repository contains all sorts of raw artwork files, logos, and more for Project Trident. Feel free to grab a banner and put it on your website with a link back to here to support the project!


Contact the Project Trident Core Team to discuss additional opportunities